Warmington Council Meetings

Meeting Dates 2021/22 civic year:  2nd THURSDAY of each month at 7pm 

(April 8th)

May 13th 2021
Annual (first) Meeting of the Parish Council

Extra meeting 20th May 2021 via zoom

10th June - via zoom

8th July

 9th Sept

14th October

 11th November

 9th December

13th Jan ‘2022

10th February

10th March

 7th April 

12th May 2022



The Warmington Parish Council’s chosen means of remote access / virtual meeting is via Zoom. 
The meeting ID is 893 4389 4896.

Telephone access numbers to the Zoom meetings will be detailed on each agenda.

While the coronavirus social distancing guidelines are in place and/or until such time that the parish council deems it safe and appropriate to hold meetings in person, no parish council meetings will be held.  Councillors may meet remotely to discuss certain matters. 

All decisions will be made under a scheme of delegation by the proper officer of the council under the council resumes meetings. 

Parish Council Meetings Documentation

Meeting Date



20th May 2021 May meeting of councillors  
13th May 2021 Annual meeting of the council

May AM minutes

8th April 21 April full council meeting April minutes
11th March 21 March Governance meeting March minutes
11th Feb 2021 February full council meeting February minutes
14th Jan 2021 Land management meeting Jan LMC Minutes
10th Dec 2020 Dec FC meeting & 2 extra Dec A Minutes
Dec FC minutes
Dec C minutes
12th Nov 2020 Nov Gov Committee meeting Nov minutes
8th Oct 2020 Oct full council meeting October minutes
22nd Sept 20 Extra full council meeting EPC minutes 
10th Sept 20 Sept Land Mgt Committee agenda Sept LMC mins
17th Aug 20 August Gov Committee agenda Aug GC minutes
9th July 20 July full council meeting July minutes
11th June 20 June full council meeting June minutes
14th May 2020 May full council meeting May minutes
9th April 2020 April full council meeting April  minutes
12th Mar 2020 Governance meeting Mar GC Mins
13th Feb 2020 Feb full council meeting Feb FC mins
16th Jan 2020 Jan Land management agenda Jan LMC mins
12th Dec 2019 Dec Full Council meeting Dec FC mins
7th Nov 2019 Nov Governance Committee agenda Nov GC mins
10th Oct 2019 Oct full council agenda Oct minutes
12th Sep 2019 Sept Land Management agenda Sep LMC mins
3rd Sep 2019 Sept full council agenda Sept FC mins
1st Aug 2019 August full council agenda Aug minutes
11th July 2019 July full council agenda July minutes
24th June 2019 Land management agenda Minutes
10th June 2019 Full council agenda Minutes
13th May 2019 Full Council Annual Meeting Agenda Minutes
8th May 2019 Extra parish council agenda Minutes
8th April 2019 Full Council Agenda Minutes
11th Mar 2019 Governance Committee Agenda Minutes
11th Feb 2019 Full Council Agenda Minutes
24th Jan 2019 Full Council Agenda Minutes
14th Jan 2019 Land Management Agenda Minutes
10th Dec 2018 December Full Council Agenda Minutes
5th Nov 2018 Governance Committee Agenda Minutes
8th Oct 2018 Full Council Minutes
10th Sept 2018 Land Management Agenda Minutes
15th Aug 2018 Full Council Minutes
9th July 2018 Full Council Minutes
11th June 2018 Full Council Minutes
14th May 2018 Full Council Minutes
23 April 2018 Full Council Minutes
12 March 2018 Governance Committee Agenda G C Minutes
12th Feb 2018 Agenda Minutes
8th Jan 2018 Land Committee Agenda Minutes
11th Dec 2017 Agenda Minutes
4th Dec 2017 Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group -
6th Nov 2017 Governance Committee Minutes
30th Oct 2017 Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group -
9th Oct 2017 Agenda Minutes
11th Sept 2017

6.30pm Governance Cttee

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

7.30pm (apx) Land Committee




10th July 2017 Agenda Minutes
12th June 2017 Full Council Agenda Minutes
Land Committee Agenda Minutes
Governance Committee Agenda Minutes
8th May 2017 Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes
27th Mar 2017 April full council agenda Minutes
8th March 2017 Governance Committee Minutes
6th Feb 2017 Full Council Agenda Minutes
9th Jan 2017 Land Committee Agenda Minutes
12th Dec 2016 Full Council Agenda Minutes
7th Nov 2016 Governance Committee Agenda Minutes
10th Oct 2016 Full Council Agenda Minutes
12th Sept 2016 Land Committee agenda Minutes
11th July 2016 Full council agenda Minutes
13 June 2016 Land committee agenda Land Committee Minutes
Full council agenda Full Council Minutes
9 May 2016 Agenda Minutes
11 April 2016 Agenda Minutes
14 Mar 2016 Agenda Minutes
8 Feb 2016 Agenda Minutes
11 Jan 2016 Agenda Minutes
14 Dec 2015 Agenda Minutes
2 Nov 2015 Agenda Minutes
12 Oct 2015 Agenda Minutes
14 Sept 2015 Agenda Minutes
13 July 2015 Agenda Minutes
8 June 2015 Agenda Minutes
11 May 2015 Agenda Minutes
30 March 2015 Agenda Minutes
2 March 2015 Agenda Minutes
17 Feb 2015 Agenda Minutes
9 Feb 2015 Agenda Minutes
12 Jan 2015 Agenda Minutes
01/12/14 Agenda Minutes
13/10/14 Agenda Minutes
08/09/14 Agenda Minutes
07/07/14 Agenda

Minutes & Minutes Part 2

09/06/14 Agenda Minutes
12/05/14 Agenda Minutes
12/05/14 - Accounts
03/03/14 Agenda Minutes
06/01/14 Agenda Minutes
02/12/13 Agenda Minutes
04/11/13 Agenda Minutes
09/09/13 Agenda Minutes
01/07/13 Agenda Minutes
17/06/13 Agenda Minutes
13/05/13 Agenda Minutes
13/05/13 Audit Accounts
18/04/13 Agenda Minutes
04/03/13 Agenda Minutes
28/01/13 Agenda Minutes
07/01/13 Agenda Minutes
05/11/12 Agenda Minutes
02/07/12 Agenda Minutes
21/06/12 Agenda Minutes
14/05/12 Agenda Minutes
12/04/12 Agenda Minutes
05/03/12 Agenda Minutes
09/02/12 Agenda Minutes
09/12/12 Agenda Minutes
13/12/11 Agenda Minutes
07/11/11 Agenda Minutes

Meetings will start at 7.00pm.

Additional meetings may be called for urgent business.

Agenda will appear 5 days before online at Warmington.org and in the parish council notice board on Hautboy Lane.

For details of Neighbourhood Plan meetings, see HERE