30mph signs

The Parish Council has been working with Northamptonshire County Council highways department for some time to extend the 30mph limit to include the area where people walk around the recreation ground – it’s taken a while as these things do because of the statutory regulations and necessary government approval, but we got there in the end. In January, new road signs were sited on Buntings Lane and Peterborough Road to highlight the extension of the 30mph speed limit. The new speed restriction means that not only do all three gates to the Recreation Field now open onto a 30mph limit, but also traffic coming into and out of the village via Peterborough Road will be slowed down; helping to make our village a safer place.


This morning, Northamptonshire County Council development control committee considered the application for the quarry proposals at the flood meadows near Warmington Mill.

Members of the public, the parish council and 'Say No' lobby group presented strong arguments against the proposals. The committee, however, voted to grant the application planning permission.

Everyone did all that they could under the circumstances, but the need for sand and gravel to build roads and houses was deemed to outweigh the objections put forward.

The parish council will be considering the matter further on Thursday 19th November

The path closure has been extended until 25th May, but we hope to finish before this and re-open the path  
The whole route has been cleared, levelled and a base layer put down.  The verges are being prepared and then a loose top surface laid and compacted allowing this part of the East Northants Greenway accessible to all.
The parish council is undertaking bridleway works, starting next week, on the way called PD1 which runs from north of the A605 underpass to Elton, alongside the by-pass and then next to the polytunnels.
There is no official alternative route designated by the highway authority, but the map below shows walking and riding routes to Elton.
These works are part of a £70,000 project, mostly grant-funded, project to complete the northern part of the Wellingborough to Peterborough Greenway scheme through the parish of Warmington.
Greenway alternate routes