Warmington Baby & Toddler Group

If you have a baby or toddler you would probably like to get to know others in the same situation. It can get lonely and a bit boring staying at home with a young child day after day.

 Warmington Baby & Toddler Group provide a relaxed and friendly environment where you can bring your youngster to play with others of a similar age and you can chat over a cup of tea or coffee with the other parents and carers there. We have a good stock of baby and toddler toys to keep the children stimulated in creative play and the sessions are open to anyone whether or not you are resident in Warmington.

Location: Warmington Village Hall Registered Charitypg image32

When:     Friday morning, 9.15-11.15  
              (Term Time Only)


We love to meet new people so If you want to join us you would be very welcome, just turn up and introduce yourself.