If you have any village related events that you want listed. Please email us via the Contact Us page so they can be included in this listing.

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If you have any village related events that you want listed. Please email us via the Contact Us page so they can be included in this listing.

We have a lovely enclosed playground in Warmington which is a great space for children under the age of 12 to play in.  There are swings, both normal and baby/toddler swings, a slide, a climbing frame, an obstacle trail and most importantly two park benches for parents/carers to rest on!  Dogs are not alowed in the area and being enclosed small children can run around safely. 

The playground is inbetween the Nene Pastures estate and Chapel Street, just behind the Warmington Social Club.

Saturday 2nd March saw a great turn out for the Warmington Village Litter Pick and Pancake Race organised by Warmington Parish Council and thankfully the rain stayed away.

Villagers and visitors all demonstrated a wonderful community spirit collecting over 20 bags of rubbish whilst walking the streets of Warmington.  A special thanks to Cllr David Short for collecting up the rubbish bags from around the village.

Even the local ice-cream van turned up for the Pancake Races which began at 3.30pm. Cllr Nigel Rudd officiated the races whilst Cllr David Strafford compered the event, with Cllrs Gillian Beeby and Nikki Howard helping to organise and Hazel Turner and Derek Rowell presenting the awards.

Pancke race photoeA huge thank you from Warmington to Camilla, Vix and Mikala, the crew of ladies who are out in all weathers, litter picking within the parish and also to Matt Jarrett who organised his team from the various McDonald's restaurants in the area.  His McDonald's team of helpers did a sterling job along Church Street, around the petrol station and Bunny Run.
Thanks also go to Judith & Philip Brashaw who helped set up and serve refreshments and to Josh Hales who stayed to help pack away.

There were 8 races of varying age groups, some of the winners of which were; Noah Izycky, Isla McLaughlin, Arthur, Kinzy Pearson, Morgan Rowell, Doug Hall, Philip Brashaw. The final race between the winners saw the older competitors handicapped by having to run backwards, although the wind had proved to be a handicap in a number of the previous races with pancakes being blown off course during the flipping. The winners of the Trophies were Arthur and Morgan.

We look forward to organising another, bigger and better, Litter Pick and Pancake Race next year!

If anyone would like to help out planning and organising future events, please contact Cllr Gillian Beeby - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We would always be glad to hear more details of Warmington's history or more personal memories of our village to share with all.

Thanks so much to Peter Pearse contacted us at the website with some recollections of Warmington during the 1940s:

I came from London to Warmington on a dark night on the 4th of October 1941 and, with many other confused children, was herded into the " The Hut " which served as the village centre. with my six year old brother ( I was nearly 14 at the time and a little older than most of my companions ) I clearly remember being escorted to our first digs in the wartime blackout. It was intensley dark that night and visibility was nil. Our escort held our hands and brought us to a small house near Big Green where the lady occupant stated quite categorically that she asked for Girls and did not want Boys !!!  This was my first welcome to the village of Warmington and I was somewhat frightened. The lady was persuaded to take us in for one night and the morning after I was moved into Ashdown Farm under the care of Mr Wade, the farmer and his wife. ( where my brother went I have no recollection ) My sister was billeted elsewhere with a Mrs Black
After spending all my life so far in a smokey city, my entry into the country side was a truly wonderful experience, and to this day I am enthusiastic about the natural environment, woodlands and wildlife.
I stayed on the farm for many months and went to school in Oundle as I was too old to go to the village school.
One day Mrs Wade died after a rather long illness and I was moved out to stay with Mrs Harbour, an exremely kind lady , for the rest of my two years as an evacuee.
I remember there were two ladies appointed to look after the well being of the childred billeted in the village. Miss Campbell  ( A nurse )and another lady whose name I cannot recall but who was mentioned in your earlier web site
There was at this time a gentleman known by one and all as " The General ".  he was almost my namesake as his name was Pearce with a C.  He lived in a fairly large cottage situated to the back of St Marys Church .  He was a grand old fellow, a prominent  entomologist who often invited me and my friends to see his vast collection of insects and butterflies. His house must surely still be there?
I can remember two friends in the village. Edgar Upex  ( an extended village family as I have since found out from the inscriptions on the war memorial which was featured on your earlier site ) and also Roy and Olgar Dexter  ( Olgar was my first " girl friend "  ) I have found some Dexters  on the war memorial too so this was possibly also a common village name
The village shop was run, I think ,by a Mr Woods.  He did not, of course sell sweets as these  were absolutely non existent until the time rationing was introduced. However, to satisfy our craving we used to buy a penny Oxo and suck it.  However , one lick was quite enough !
Cigarettes were, however,  some times available and somehow my mates and I got hold of a packet and smoked them in a telephone kiosk so nobody saw us.  We should have known better! We were duly reported and I remember being scolded by Mrs Harbour. who told me that as a a patrol leader in the Scouts , and school prefect ,I should set an example.
I think the woodland known as the" Fern" is still there . It was then private land but we used to go there and muck around until we were chased off by the gamekeeper
I visited Warmington only once after the war. It would have been in the mid sixties and went to Mrs Harbours house with my wife and two young children. When I knocked on the door I had to introduce myself as the lady did not recognise me ( although she did say my face was " familiar" When I introduced myself I was of course given a very surprised welcome. At the time of this visit the village changed not one iota. it was as I had left it in 1943.  Looking nowadays on Google street view I see that it has changed to an almost unrecognisable degree, except perhaps the very centre.  Far too young to drink but I remember the pubs for some reason. The Red Lion, The Angel Inn and the Hauboy and Fiddle.

For up to the minute information about what's going on at the church and within the benefice, please visit www.warmingtonbenefice.org.uk

The Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin is always open for private prayer and reflection. Please feel free to write a prayer request and place it in the Lady Chapel, and your request will be included in our prayers.

We worship every week and the pattern is:

1st Sunday of the month 8.15am Communion
2nd Sunday of the month 10.15am Communion
3rd Sunday of the month 6pm Evensong
4th Sunday of the month 10.15am Communion
3rd Tuesday of the month 10am Communion in the Lady Chapel.

We have an all age choir at the 10.15am services. We particularly enjoy special festival celebrations from time to time. You are invited to ‘Come and See’, and be assured of a warm and friendly welcome, followed by coffee and chat.

If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your little one, or perhaps arranging a wedding, or want to make enquiries about funerals and burials please get in touch via the church website above - we will be very happy to support you.


The Church of St. Marys is a Church of England church.  Part of the Oundle Denery, Warmington parish is in the benefice with Cotterstock, Fotheringhay, Southwiick and Tansor.

You can find detailed information about the church's history in our History of Warmington page.

Log pile and basket swing

Warmington Recreation Ground is a sports, play and open space facility that can be enjoyed by the whole community. It is well used and much enjoyed by the people of Warmington and visitors to our lovely village.


We have a portacabin that provides changing & separately accessible toilet facilities.  The picnic bench closest to the Dexter Way entrance has extended ends to enable use for wheelchair users and high-level buggies.

We are enormously proud of the new play equipment at the ground.  The new swing basket that encourages all sorts of play activities and allows for inclusive use.  The climbing logs pile encourages physical activity, risk awareness, development of strength and balance as well as a "sky's-the-limit" range of imagination play games.  Other play facilities include a small trim trail, zip wire, full-size football pitch, and a 5 a-side pitch.  Please ensure that you either take all waste home with you or use the litter bins provided.


As well as providing an informal gathering place the field is used for a variety of purposes. Sports coaches have offered holiday football/activity clubs & local football teams use it as a back-up pitch. Kite flyers, keep fit and circuit enthusiasts, blackberry pickers and playing children all enjoy the open space.   

The field can be used for birthday parties and other event community events. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01780 435084 for more details.   There is an area set aside for barbecues - we ask that you take into account the safety signs on display and let us know in advance if you will be having a barbecue.

To see whether anything is planned at the field, check out this website calendar or visit bit.ly/WarmyArena

The Fun Field is managed and run by the Parish Council, under the Land Management Committee.   If you would like to be part of the Fun Field Team you would be warmly welcomed.