Warmington Remembers

On 11th November 2018, the community of Warmington paid its respect to the people of the village who have lost their lives to war. 

As it was the commemoration of 100 years since the Armistice of World War I, there was particular focus on the sons of the village who were killed during that conflict.  The day was a culmination of the past few month's events, which included the restoration of the war memorial in the churchyard, facilitated by Warmington Parish Council and overseen by Dr Paul Stamper.  St Marys Church has been the focus of a huge amount of work put into a project called Every Man Remembered, which details the part played by all the men on the roll of honour.  It's taken two years to bring together the histories of these brave men together in one publication which has been shared widely by visitors to the church.  The stories of loss, injury and recovery have been humbling and at times very difficult for the small committee of researchers to read, so horrific were some of the stories.  A huge debt of gratitude is owed to the team of researchers who have brought these men's stories to life. 

You can see Every Man Remembered commemorations HERE on the church's webpages.

The end of Armistice Day saw a number of people gathered near the war memorial to witness the lighting of the beacon, as Warmington played its part in the national 'Battles Over' celebration of the end of WWI, hosted by the parish council in conjunction with the Royal British Legion.  

This is the video of the short ceremony: