Quarry extraction application

Warmington Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the application process for the "Elton2" quarry extension at the meadows to the north-west of Warmington Mill, where the Nene Way leads to Fotheringhay. 
You can view the parish council's response to the application via this link: PLANNING

The parish council will do what it can to reflect local public opinion, but plays no part in the decision-making process so it is really important that people submit their own responses to the application too.  The people making the decisions are county councillors based in Northampton who do not know our parish and will not know how people feel unless it's made clear in a forthright but polite way that evidences how the proposals do not comply with planning law.

The applicants have submitted a second set of submission papers which the parish council will be responding to in February 2020.

You can look at the papers provided by the applicant here: bit.ly/Elton2

And look at the proper extraction planning application here: bit.ly/Elton2rep and also make your response via that second link.