Please report anything in the parish that you spot that seems untoward - together we can keep Warmington tip-top

You can report the things that the parish council looks after and for which the report comes through to us. 

For other matters, such as suspicious activity, crimes, dog mess, fley tipping etc, there are links to the relevant reporting facility which will go through to right the department at North Northamptonshire Council.


Planning Applications - Background

This page will provide links to planning applications that are submitted and are to be reviewed by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has no powers to approve or reject an application, but it does provide an advisory and consultative role within the process, and this is an essential stage in any application.

Current Planning Applications

The parish council has submitted its response to the current consultation on a proposal to quarry on the meadows to the north of Warmington Mill.  You can view the documents by clicking on the link below

You can view all current development planning applications for the parish on the East Northamptonshire Council planning portal via this weblink:  ENC Planning Portal

The application for the mineral extraction is via this link: NCC Planning Portal

You can see the parish council's response here: Warmington Parish Council Elton2 submission

Planning enforcement: 

You can download a booklet that explains what happens when East Northamptonshire Council receives an allegation about a breach of planning control here.

You can report a breach of planning control here.

We have a daily post collection from Warmington from the Post Box outside the village shop/post office on School Lane.

Monday to Friday : 4:40pm
Saturday: 11:45am

A later weekday collection is made from the Postbox outside PETERBOROUGH SORTING OFFICE, Papyrus Road at 7:30pm Daily

Royal Mail Customer Services: 03457 740 740



Nearest Libraries

  • Oundle Library is our nearest library just down the road in Oundle (opposite the Oundle Surgery. Check the opening times as it is not open all day every day.
  • Stamford Library is a little larger than Oundle.
  • Peterborough Libraries - check out the website for all  the details.

Warmington has five levels of elected representation. These are as follows:

  • Warmington Parish Council
    Responsible for allotments, cemetery, churchyard maintenance, pocket parks, recreation ground, street-lighting, verge cutting (under contract from highways authority).
  • East Northamptonshire District Council
    Responsible for services including planning, council housing, and rubbish collection.
  • Northamptonshire County Council
    Responsible for services including education, social services, transport, roads and libraries.
  • National Government at Westminster
    Responsible for making laws and scrutinising all UK government activity.
  • European Parliament
    Responsible for scrutinising the actions of the European Union and the EU budget.

Parish Council: HERE   More information about Warmington Parish Councillors

East Northamptonshire District Council - Warmington is in the Lower Nene Ward and represented by David Brackenbury

Northamptonshire County Council - Warmington is in the Thrapston Ward and represented by Wendy Brackenbury

National Government (Westminster Parliament) - Warmington is in the Parliamentary Constituency of Corby and represented by Tom Pursglove.

European Parliament -Warmington is in the East Midlands constituency at the European Parliament.