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Warmington Broadband Update June 2015 


This week Warmington residents have started ordering superfast broadband.

However, there is an issue with the speeds available. It appears that some areas of the village could get speeds of nearly 80 Mbits/sec. Other areas of the village may only get speeds of 17-24 Mbits/sec.

Whilst this disparity is disappointing, it is still a massive leap forward from the previous provision.


Warmington Broadband Update December 2014 

You may have seen the installation of the new BT cabinet in Buntings Lane, which is next to the old one.  This is for the provision of SuperFast Broadband (SFBB) to the village.  SFBB means a guaranteed minimum download speed of 24Mbits.  Because BT still use the copper line between the cabinet and individual premises, the distance from the cabinet will impact the eventual broadband performance people will get.  Good news for people who live in Buntings Lane:-)
The Broadband interactive map on the Northamptonshire County Council web site shows that for Warmington post codes, Broadband will be available by the end of 2014. However, I have spoken to Ross Griffin, leader of the Broadband initiative at Northamptonshire County Council, and he says that this is about to be updated to 1st quarter next year (2015).
I have also spoken to the Regional Partnership Director - East Midlands, and he tells me that Openreach have the project slated for completion before March 2015, confirming Ross Griffin’s expectation. This is more than six months ahead of the last date they offered us, still not brilliant but better than it was.

Tim Helstrip

Warmington Broadband Update October 2014 

You may or may not have seen the new fibre cabinet that has been installed on Buntings Lane. This is excellent news, the Northamptonshire.gov.uk  web site map has been updated to show that Warmington will be SuperFast Broadband enabled by the end of 2014. The Rural Development Officer at BT tells me the Cabinet will be live by the end December/beginning of january.

Residents and businesses will need to contact their service providers once it is live to request the enhanced service, upgrading will not be automatic.

Tim Helstrip

Warmington Broadband Update May 2013 

BT have won the bidding process to supply Northamptonshire with SuperFast Broadband (SFBB) services by the end of 2017.  This bid is to provide 90% of the county with minimum speeds of 24Mbps by the end of 2015 and the rest of the County with minimum speeds of 2Mbps by the end of the 2017.
Originally the Council informed us that Warmington and Lutton would NOT be in the 90% covered, and if we wanted SFBB then we would have to raise the funds ourselves.
Following the successful BT bid and the confirmation of areas that will be in the 90% coverage we have been informed that we will be included in the roll out of the SFBB services by end of 2015.  Therefore our independent initiative for raising funds and rolling out our own services, either in conjunction with BT or otherwise, has now ceased completely.
I would like to thank the hard work of the entire team from both villages that put in many hundreds of hours building business plans and funding submissions.  Special thanks to Steve Bone for his unstinting support and practical help with the submissions.
Tim Helstrip

Broadband Update - January 2013

Two of our bids for funding have been turned down, one, as explained in November's update, due to the project being too large, and the second, through the Princes Countryside Fund was down to the sheer volume of requests they received. Our main bid, through DEFRA is still live, but subject to some changes. The local plan to provide wireless broadband as a viable and relatively lower cost method has been questioned on the basis of long term viability and feasibility of allowing third party competitive opportunities for service. 

The preferred option is for us to 'fall in line' and work on a fibre based solution. To this end, given the potentially higher costs involved we've had to reconsider how this can be achieved. Taking guidance from another similar project across the other side of the county, and with a great deal of organisation by Tim, we are now to discuss how we might request funds to add to to the broader County plan, to achieve the preferred fibre option. There are some meetings to take place with the County and DEFRA over the next 4 weeks to discuss how this may be achieved, and indeed to determine if Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) are able to support this approach specifically for Warmington and Lutton. NCC are now considering the bids in their tender process to appoint their preferred supplier for the County plan.

There is a small element of complication for Warmington as we are served by the Elton exchange and this falls under Cambridgeshire's control so there is a requirement to negotiate with this County team too.

More updates as things develop.

Broadband Update - November 2012

Of the three requests for funding raised, one has been rejected due to our project being too large and also the funder wanting to be the majority provider of funds, which they would not have been. This was the funding requested through VillageSOS.

Our primary funding source, DeFRA, has come back with a range of questions and provisions before our submission can be finally considered, and this is focused in part on the wireless solution chosen as the most practical option for the two villages of Warmington and Lutton. The steer here is for us to consider Fibre to the Home (FTTH), but this was rejected in the past due to the enormous costs of this solution. However, we will be working with DeFRA over the next week to try and solve the issues for this. The third element of funding is announced on December 21st, so we still wait to see on the outcome for this final element.

In the meantime, the European Union has given the go ahead for UK local councils to proceed with funding provision and tendering for improved broadband capabilities in their relevant catchments, so locally, NCC will be able to get their plans under way in the new year.

Broadband Update - October 2012

We have now compeleted funding requests to 3 sources. Of these we expect to hear from the first one by the end of this month, on whether we have been successful or not. Our funding request to DeFRA has been submitted and has passed the initial assessment, and is now up for full appraisal which will take a few weeks, as it is being assessed along with applications from throughout the UK. We will update you here on any developments. In the meantime, we have set up a holding page for two new websites, www.warmingtonbroadband.co.uk and www.luttonbroadband.co.uk - which will expand as the project takes off

Broadband Update - September 2012

A submission has been made to VillageSOS for funding for the broadband project, and the final business case for the DeFRA element of the funding is in it's final stages and will be submitted before the end of the first week in October.

For approval, we have to sit and wait for the outcomes, with the first communication likely to be towards the end of October, when VillageSOS will give their verdict.

The plan at present is to feed a fibre optic cable to a 'convenient' location for the village, and broadcast radio based broadband services from this location to all properties in Warmington and Lutton. Radio will require installtion of a small dish and receiver for each property, and the target is to offer a fast 20Mb broadband service for homes, and up to 80Mb for local businesses. We aim to have competitive monthly payment plans for users.

Funding is the key to all this to enable the fibre to be laid on, and development of the radio services. As this is planned to be a village enterprise, any profits are ploughed back into the enterprise, which in the longer term may enable additional services or better pricing for users.

So why are we doing this?

The bigger picture from Northamptonshire County Council states they have completed some very high level modelling (with the help of Atkins) which gave them a very broad understanding of what 90% coverage of the county may look like. (The targeted deliverable for superfast broadband)  This allowed them to understand approximately what the final 10% might be - which included Warmington and Lutton. The superfast Northamptonshire project will meet the national targets of 90% coverage of superfast broadband (24mbps) and 100% coverage of basic broadband (2mbps) by 2015. Northamptonshire’s unique ambition is to provide full coverage of the county with superfast broadband (access line speed of 30mbps and above) by 2017

Therefore, without the W & L RCBF bid NCC will look to deliver 2mbps as a minimum to both areas. Previously NCC have been asked when W & L will receive superfast broadband and at this moment they cannot tell us this until a chosen supplier is selected and a commercial roll out is defined. 

We have taken the view that to wait to potentially 2017 could be damaging for our very local economy and impact current jobs, and deprive local residents of what are now basic web services, such as TV on demand etc, hence exploring doing this ourselves to deliver fast services, sooner. So, community fingers crossed for successful financial bids, please, and we'll update you on outcomes.

If you'd like more information, mail Steve Bone and Tim Helstrip This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Broadband Update - May 2012

An initial submission to DefRA through Northamptonshire County Council for funding to provide a super fast broadband service to Warmington and Lutton has been approved. This was submitted in February this year. The next step is for the development team to submit a formal and final business case that bids for the funds to contribute towards the development.

This process is now in hand and we aim to have the full details of the case researched and submitted later this year. In the meantime the investigation into the most effective ways to deliver super fast broadband to the villages continues, and there are potentially some good options to explore.

Several of the team visited another development near Wellingborough that has successfully achieved fast broadband of around 14Mb to their community. This has provided additional ideas to be explored.

We'll publish more on the Warmington Village Site as things develop.

Broadband Update - August 2011

Broadband internet access in Warmington is only available via a telephone line. There is no cable provider although you could consider satellite providers that can be found online. Unfortunately, Warmington has no exchange of its own so all cabling runs back to the exchange at Elton. Because of the distance from Elton, broadband (ADSL), performance in the village is considered poor by many who work via internet from home, although for many others it is satisfactory. If you want to check the performance of your connection try speedtest.net.

Ofcom classify the Elton exchange as “Market 1”. This means that because it is rural and very small only BT can provide services from the exchange. Whilst you can get broadband from providers such as Sky and TalkTalk, you will still get charged for BT line rental. This is because, at present, what is known as Local Loop Unbundling (the ability for other companies to put their equipment in exchanges owned by BT), is not available in Warmington. This makes the cost of Broadband in Warmington higher than in larger urban areas.

You can find tips for improving the performance of your Broadband connection at moneysavingexpert.com.

There is a website all about the superfast broadband campaign in Northamptonshire - to keep up to date with all the latest news visit the dedicated blog site at http://www.superfastnorthamptonshire.wordpress.com/