Pruning Demonstration

Pruning the Orchard Pocket Park - Demonstration 2.00pm

Saturday March 24th

Warmington Horticultural Society is sponsoring the pruning of the fruit trees in the Orchard Pocket Park.
Joe Whitehead will be doing the pruning. He is judge at the Society’s Annual Show and was responsible for renovating Blatherwyke Walled Garden. He has recently become Head Gardener at Burghley.
Pruning of the fruit trees will be going on all day.
At 2.00pm there will be a demonstration of fruit tree pruning. If you have a fruit tree in your garden here is a chance to see what to do with it.
Everyone is welcome to visit the Park during the day but please give the pruners plenty of space to work safely.
Where is the Orchard Pocket Park?
Go past the Red Lion and take the turn down towards the Mill underpass. When you come to the five bar gate the Park is up the bank to the left.