Warmington Providence Allotments

Hidden behind the hedge on Stamford Lane nineteen tenants enjoy the benefits of an active outdoor life growing their own produce.

allottment2Close up of AllotmentClose up allotment plant

Established in 2002 on land rented from Elton Estate by Warmington Parish Council the first tenants gathered together to draw lots for plots in March 2003. 

There are 5 full-size plots and 14 half-plots, rented annually at £24 and £12. Sheds, trees and livestock are not permitted but there is a communal shed and three taps are provided.

The waiting list currently numbers seven,priority is given to village residents.

If you are interested in obtaining an allotment please contact the Clerk to Wamington Parish Council or Chris Ellard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who is the allotment representative on the Parish Council.

All the allotment-holders are members of Warmington Horticultural Society and as such enjoy large discounts when ordering seed and other items.