Village Litter Pick

Every year we have in the village a communal Village Litter Pick. We love where we live and this is an opportunity for us all to help keep it looking nice, preventing pollution and protecting wildlife from dangerous or excessive debris.  Important lessons also can be learnt by children about looking after their environment in the process! Children especially think it is great fun wearing tabards, gloves and playing with a litter picker! Seeing the black bin liners piled up at the end of the morning make it all worthwhile. So, please come along to our next village litter pick and help make the village tidy!

In 2012, the litter pick was held on 17th March and luckily the rain stopped long enough for us to do it! Apart from the usual suspects, we had some new litter pickers whose help was hugely appreciated and I hope they enjoyed it. I cannot thank Matt and Cheryl and their team from McDonald’s enough (Matt is a franchisee for four local McDonald’s restaurants and he is leading the way with litter collection/is the sole franchisee in the McDonald’s business offering the litter van initiative). They not only provided a man and a van to drive round, pick up all of the litter and take it to a recycling centre but they also brought with them a team to help with the litter pick and made light of the massive litter problem up at the garage. They also provided some meal vouchers which were appreciated by those young and old! My final thanks must go to Morag Wilson for providing hot drinks and biscuits when we had finished and the social club for letting us use their facilities - for the last time.