Can Warmington win the Litter Heroes Awards for the second year in a row? 
We can have a jolly good try - come and join in at the combined Warmington Village Litter Pick and Pancake Race on Saturday 29th February 2020. The money won last year went to fund the new BBQ area at the Recreation Ground - what can we do this year?

The Litter Pick will begin at the FunField at 2pm and the Pancake Races begin at 3.30pm.

There will be a £1 registration fee for the Pancake Race, (forms and collection box will be available from the Village Store from 8th February or alternatively download from the link below), entrants will be expected to bring their own frying pans but the pancakes will be supplied. This year we are spicing things up a little, no we are not adding cinnamon to the pancakes but we are introducing TEAM RACES! Join together with your neighbours, your family or your friends to compete to be the Warmington Winners.

If you require any further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The parish council is thrilled to announce that the Neighbourhood Plan, which was passed at referendum by the village with a 92% majority of votes cast, was officially adopted by East Northamptonshire Council on 17th December 2019.

The Warmington Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the planning system and guides the outcome of all regular planning applications in the parish.

Thank you to everyone who took part in helping guide the future built environment of the parish and sharing your ideas and aspirations for wider aspects of shaping life in Warmington.

Warmington Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the application process for the "Elton2" quarry extension at the meadows to the north-west of Warmington Mill, where the Nene Way leads to Fotheringhay. 
You can view the parish council's response to the application via this link: PLANNING

The parish council will do what it can to reflect local public opinion, but plays no part in the decision-making process so it is really important that people submit their own responses to the application too.  The people making the decisions are county councillors based in Northampton who do not know our parish and will not know how people feel unless it's made clear in a forthright but polite way that evidences how the proposals do not comply with planning law.

The applicants have submitted a second set of submission papers which the parish council will be responding to in February 2020.

You can look at the papers provided by the applicant here:

And look at the proper extraction planning application here: and also make your response via that second link.

Parish Council Surgeries

On the first Saturday of each month, the parish council will be holding a drop in session at Glebe Stores on Hautboy Lane for anyone to raise any point with the council.

Have you got a great idea for a community event?  A brilliant scheme in mind to help overcome rural isolation and loneliness?  Have you heard of something that happens in other communities that you've theough "We could do that in Warmington?"  COME ALONG AND LET US KNOW ALL ABOUT IT!

You may have something you wish the council to consider.... Funding for your community event, a new streetlight. a waste bin somewhere it's not considered, ways to let everyone know what's going on.

You may have a question about something the parish council cannot directly help with, but will almost certainly be able to help you find the person who can help.

Perhaps you are interested in joining the parish council to help make a difference to Warmington, or to join one of the committees of non-councillors who help the council in its decision making.