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A Neighbourhood Plan

Saturday 24th March

Warmington 2031 will be running a community consultation from 24th March to 29th April with the aim of gathering the opinions of as many residents, businesses and groups as possible so that the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan is truly a community driven plan.

The consultation will involve a survey being delivered to every house in Warmington. This will outline a number of options across the 6 core areas that the WNP is concerned with. We are aiming to make this as easy to fill in as possible but planning policy is by its nature complex and so we will also be presenting background material for the 6 areas on this website and holding a number of public meetings/workshops which we hope you will be able to attend. These are intended to explain the background and also allow you to tell us what you think.

As well as the printed survey we will also be running an online version with the same questions – to be honest we’d rather you did the whole thing online as it makes gathering the data much easier for us!

We will be releasing more information over the period from now until 24th March but the first major event will be a public workshop to be held on 24th March from 10am to 5pm in the Village Hall – everyone is welcome including children – we will be working with the school to produce some Easter holiday activities for the whole family!